Workshop-2 Child Sex Abuse Awareness for Parents and Adults

Parents and adults have a horde of questions starting from “Is this issue relevant to me?” to “How can I safeguard my children or children I care about?.

Objectives of workshop :

Fully understand and accept the magnitude of threat posed by Child Sex Abuse

Learn the simple techniques through which they can empower their child to protect itself from Child Sex Abuse

Handle potentially dangerous situations effectively and on their own

Effectively handle abuse situations and thereby safeguard their child

Content of the workshop :

Defining Child Sex Abuse

Dissolving the denial against the existence of Child Sex Abuse via powerful real-life stories

Presenting typical profiles of the Abuser

Demystifying the human body – naming our private parts

Teaching caregivers how they can empower children to take charge of their own bodies

Teaching caregivers simple yet effective vocabulary that will help them discuss Child Sex Abuse with the children.

TMeasures to be taken if the abuse has happened.