Drive to passion

Drive to passion

Drive to Passion is a unique 30 days mentorship program that enables women through training, opportunities and guidance towards their dreams and aspirations in Singapore. Through various mentorship verticals such as, entrepreneurship, public speaking, writing, cooking, dance, community service, grooming etc we ensure that these women are ready to fly after that big break they took, to take care of family, children or other reasons. We have some of the finest mentors of Singapore dedicated to create this positive shift amongst women.

Success facts

42 participants 3 drives and many many success stories.

11 new businesses

4 Job

7 Public Speakers

3 models with professional assignments and one of them became the first ever woman to walk on the ramp pregnant at Chipau Pageant.

5 Professional Dancer

6 published writers


Creating an empowered, aware and awaken tribe of individuals who can reclaim their power of creating their own success stories.