Vision 2525

Vision 2525

In order to fulfil our vision of creating 25 million safer children by 2025, we offer various training programs dedicated towards upliftment of children and their immediate environment to ensure that they can live a healthy and abuse free life. We have been working with many early childhood intervention institutes, schools, colleges, universities, orphanages, communities and societies to enable children, adolescent and adults towards protection from abuse. We attain this goal by conducting various sets of training programs for different societal sectors and different age groups. We also achieve this goal through other initiatives such as our “Evolver support group”.

Training programs

At Sanrakshan we offers awareness workshops in schools, apartment complexes, workplaces and other communities to empower them such that each person in that community can, in turn, empower the children to protect themselves against the silent menace of Child Sex Abuse plaguing our society. At Sanrakshan we believes that this important education is easily learnt and easily imparted. In other words, it is easy enough to take away the abuser’s trump cards – our ignorance and our reluctance to talk about this seemingly uncomfortable topic.

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Evolver support group

Our evolver support group offers individuals to evolve from the trauma of abuse. It is a authentic, trustworthy space where we provide listening. We also use various coaching tools and methodologies to heal the trauma, shatter the silence, and create a tribe of individuals willing to evolve and supporting another while doing so. This support group is a sacred trustworthy space where confidentiality is our utmost priority

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Share your story of resilience

Yes I was abused and yes I am thriving, It was a part of my past, it impacts me still, but I evolve each moment, I learn each moment. I am aevolver, I am a thriver. This is where I statter silence. This is where I share my story. I found my voice, and I wish you will find yours too.