Mentors and Advisory

Aarti Sharma

Aarti Sharma is a HR Management Graduate from Pune University and a recipient of Best Management Student award organised by Devang Mehta Awards & Business Standard. She is also Finalist of Mrs. Global Expat in Aug 2016 and recipient of the "Lady of Eloquence" title and does modelling and ramp walks to create awareness and support specific social causes. Aarti passionately talks and writes to raise awareness on certain issues that can inspire others to act towards collective impact.She believes in good intentions combined with an honest, genuine and collective effort

Through her such diverse experience she is a role model for women, and an ardent advocate for "Beauty with a purpose" through personal development, empowerment, inner beauty and mindful living.

Wakako Nashwa

In July 2016, Nashwa moved to Singapore to explore a new chapter of her life. Nashwa's name means bliss in Arabic. When she was 19, she took her belly dance class with Mishaal, the international oriental dance artist who was also the founder and creative director of the Devadasi studio in Tokyo. Since then, she has been fascinated by this mystical sacred art form.

In 2007, she was invited to be a member of Samanyolu (Ambient oriental ensemble directed by Mishaal). As a member of Samanyolu, she was lucky to have a rich performance experiences such as Fuji rock festival (2008 and 2012), Tokyo Girls Collection (2008 and 2012), front act for international artists; AhmetLulet (Turkey), Ansuya (U.S.A), Collena Shakti (India), Farasha (U.S.A), Meera (U.S.A), to name a few). Nashwa has a reputation for her mystical improvisational style with deep ambient music.

In 2008, she became a teacher at Devadasi studio and passionately taught various classes from beginner to advanced including the the ethereal Chakra Belly Dance. After Mishaal moved to Bali, she dedicated herself to anchor her beloved dance community within the Devadasi studio as head Teacher, assistant and translator. Nashwa believes belly dance is a beautiful gift from the Universe. Rooted in ancient wisdom and mysticism, it is a healing and awakening dance for women of all colors, ages and body types. Belly dance is not a dance for sexual exploitation by men, but for women to feel true beauty within themselves. It is a delight for her to share belly dance's true essence and to connect women to the sacred temple dance.

Vanithadevi Saravanamuttu

Vanitha, is the founder of Style Etiquette. Style Etiquette provides professional business grooming workshops. She is also one of the mentors in our drives of #DriveToPassion #Singapore. She is a Style and Beauty Coach and a Certified Etiquette consultant in Singapore.

Has 17 years of rich experience working in private sectors in various industries. Has valuable experience in the basics of secretarial duties. Has underwriting expertise.Engaged with numerous multinational clients.Crowned winner of Mrs Singapore India 2013.Finalist for Mrs Singapore 2013.Awarded Asia Pacific Queen of Substance 2014 & 2015. With this diverse range of experiences, she has developed strategic insights into diverse business cultures and settings. This has given her an edge to help corporations build and enhance their corporate image. She has consistently helped in many Singapore prestigious beauty pageants . She has brought out the best in every women she has help to beautify. Well because her contagious charisma , eloquence and intelligence are easily spread to others.

Mary Gomez Camba

Mary is a master photographer who discovered her passion for storytelling at a very young age. She was 13 when her parents bought her rst 35mm lm camera and a family pack of lm rolls. To this day, these images taken more than 25 years ago are some of her family's most precious possessions. Mary retired from commercial photography 3 years ago to undertake several special projects, one of them being the story of the people who live by the Mekon Delta.

She teaches photography to children and adults and enjoys donating her time and talent to special causes that further help to tell real human stories.She has recently given a TEDx talk on about serendipity and the power we have to decide what happens next. She feels strongly about the topics empowering such as empowering women, paying it forward, having the courage to live authentically, reset and relearn - especially when it comes to religion and cultural differences.

Glen Cory Graves

PhD(Psych),MA(Psych), BA(Human Development), EMDR, MSPS, Hypnotherapy

Glenn holds a PhD in Psychology with specialisation in Creativity and Existential-Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy, Masters Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development. He also has a certificate in Intermediate Training in Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnosis from the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, and a certificate in Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) from the EMDR Institute, Inc. He is an accredited facilitator for the FOCCUS marriage preparation and enrichment programme, and is a member of the Singapore Psychological Society. Glenn has been trained as a crisis responder by the National Organization for Victim Assistance. He is American and has lived in Asia for the past 15 years.

For the past 13 years, he has counselled Singaporean and Expatriate individuals and families on a variety of issues, including post traumatic stress disorder, anger management, anxiety, stress, alcohol abuse, marital conflicts, cross cultural marital conflicts, divorce, sex addiction, adolescents and their family, sexual abuse, aging, body image, self esteem, and grief.

In addition Glenn has contributed to books on the topic of PTSD in combat victims and victims of sex trafficking, and has worked with these victims, introducing theories from art therapy, narrative therapy, Qigong meditation, dreamworking and group work.

Glenn takes an integrative approach, utilising techniques from Behavioural, CBT, Adlerian, Existential, and Person Centered therapies. His counselling philosophy places more emphasis on the current issue and future of the individual, without minimizing the importance of the past influences.

He also specialises in EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing) and can explain it's effectiveness as a short-term approach, with long term effects, in resolving anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, low self esteem, and many other faulty belief systems.

Recently, Glenn completed the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy by President Dr. Douglas Weiss, PhD. This training included over 49 hours of training, followed by a test and 6 months of weekly supervision before being able to be certified as an AASAT Therapist.

Glenn is now the only Sex Addiction Therapist certified with AASAT in Southeast Asia.

Jit Puru

Even before embarking on a career as a motivational speaker and peak performance strategist, Jit's passion has always been to help others seek solutions to overcome the problems and challenges they were facing in life. It is this quality that fuels Jit till today to continually empower himself and others with the tools to make life the best it can be.

Since founding his company 2014, Jit has had the privilege of helping thousands from all over the world who've attended his seminars, conferences, and coaching sessions, to transform their lives and business. Jit has also been extremely fortunate to deliver customised talks and programmes for a variety world-class organisations from industries such as automotive, banking, education, finance, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, real estate, technology, and more. These include organisations such as Motorola Solutions, DBS Bank, Great Eastern Life Assurance, Land Transport Authority, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Samsung, Prudential, Carlsberg Asia, Flextronics, Cycle & Carriage, Goodyear & BDO.

Jit is also the author of You Deserve Happiness, which was published in 2016.

Anji Hallewell

Anji is a Natural Strengths Coach, Trainer, and Founder of Hidden Lava. Working with positive psychology, mindfulness and the Enneagram, Anji’s coaching and training programmes bring transformational mind-set shifts that create sustainable change.

Anji has delivered mind-set, strength finding and mindfulness workshops to the public and corporations. Anji’s passion is setting people up for success, by connecting them to their virtues and empowering them to transcend.

Fear, doubt and worry are the product of a mind that has not yet been taken control of. In this vertical, Anji will be training participants to take charge of their minds to enable personal growth.