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    About Us

Sanrakshan is a social enterprise which believes in empowering the lives of vulnerable children and women. We are dedicated towards sexual safety, body protection and self-esteem. We aim to run workshops for vulnerable groups to raise awareness, provide counselling and establish a support group for those affected. We would like to partner and work with voluntary welfare organizations, private organizations and like-minded individuals to help free society of abuse.

   How We Do

We do this by raising awareness, holding workshops and helping parents, students, teachers and communities to build a defence mechanism.


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   Who We Are?

Sanrakshan’s founders are two dedicated individuals using their social consciousness to reach out as far as possible to shift the balance and make adifference, we invite you join us on our journey.


    Vani Khare

Vani holds a PhD degree in biotechnology and she has been involved with Academia and corporate scientific sectors for past 10 years. She founded FAiTH Foundation in india- a dedicated platform to provide empowerment to children, teenagers and adults. She started her journey in Bangalore and her work is now spread in Singapore as Sanrakshan and Cambodia too.  She also became a member of United Nation Woman’s Organization Singapore (Singapore Committee of  UN Women) 

    Jo-Anne Aeria

Jo-Anne left the corporate world in 2012 to follow her commitment to helping the most vulnerable of women and children and has joined Vani to set up Sanrakshan. Jo-Anne has worked briefly for two local charitable organizations, the Singapore

Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) and the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME). She has also worked for Children on the Edge, a UK based child rights charity, spending several years engaged in the communities of East Timor and Banda Aceh, Indonesia to monitor their programmes to rebuild and rehabilitate the lives of marginalized children. She now supports Operation Shanti, an organization changing the lives of street children in Mysore, India.

Her journey with Sanrakshan is one of hope and desire to affect change for women and children.


    Volunteer For Us

If you are an individual who would be interested to volunteer your time effort for Sanrakshan, feel free to contact us.